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When I dreamt up this site, I knew I wanted it to be just a little bit different. Every piece of content I create is made with real women in mind. Sure, it's pretty  — that's what blogs are all about! But on this site, I've challenged myself to be more authentic and fearless than I ever thought I could be in the hope that you come away empowered, entertained, and (most importantly) at peace with the unapologetic choices you make in your life. In this world, women are forced to make difficult decisions and, from our clothes to our careers to our personal choices, we shouldn't have to defend them. The next time you're asked to, I hope something you've read here helps.


– It started with a panic attack –

[ Why i do this ]

I've always loved writing, but it wasn't until I started writing professionally that I realized how valuable it is in connecting people. In 2015, I wrote an article for Bustle that (much to my shock) went viral. In it, I expressed how anxious I felt about being only 25 years old — just beginning to travel, learn, and truly be myself — and watching all of my peers so enthusiastically ground themselves to the same place. I couldn't believe the response it got. The messages came from England to Puerto Rico, each reader sharing their own story and so kindly expressing how my words touched them. They'd realized they weren't alone in their stress, pressure, and anxiety and, in the process, they'd been just a little bit freed from it. Right away, I was hooked.

"Words are containers for power. You choose what kind of power they carry." - Joyce Meyer


Dear Reader...

I just want you to know how much I appreciate you being here. You have a choice when you follow lifestyle writers and I'm so thankful you chose me today.


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